School Policies- Attendance & Dress Code


We encourage our students to be here every day, on time and ready to learn. Children's academic achievement in school is closely tied to their daily attendance.

If your child will be ABSENT, please call the office, 703-368-4404. Give us the following information.

  • child's name
  • reason for absence
  • dates of absence
  • teacher's name

Dress Code

Students are expected to arrive at school each day with clothing appropriate for school activities. On PE days, special care should be taken to ensure that clothing will allow for physical activity. Students using the playground equipment also need to be very careful in selecting their shoes. Slick soled shoes mean accidents on playground equipment.

The following items of clothing are not permitted during school hours in the building, on school grounds, going to or from school or on field trips:


  • Bare shoulder- tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • Bare midriff tops
  • Backless tops
  • Leotard type tops except under a shirt
  • T-shirts with rude, offensive, or age-inappropriate designs or words
  • Muscle shirts
  • Revealing, see-through tops

Pants and Skirts

  • Loose, low-hanging pants with waistband on the hips
  • Shorts and skirts which are not at least fingertip length while standing with arms hanging at sides


  • No hats or headgear inside the building
  • No high-heeled shoes
  • No flip-flops

Shoes (suggestion)

  • Because they can be unsafe on the playground, please do not send children to school wearing backless sandals and platform shoes.
  • Be sure to wear tennis type shoes on PE days.