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4/24/20: FOOD HELP LINE 703-794-4668.
Is up and running and families can call this number and there are agents that will help direct you to their nearest food pantry based on their location or you will be entered into a system to get a delivery if you do not have transportation or are immune compromised. If the person calling is over 65 they will automatically be put in their Sr. Home Delivery program. You will get food deliveries daily and immediately push the food out to the ones who need it

4/3/20: Remember next week the 6th-10th is spring break. I will continue you online learning sessions on the 13th! If you need anything please don't hesitate to email or text me!

3/20/20: I know this past week has been a little hectic. I hope everyone enjoyed having some extra family time. I miss everyone so much and cannot wait to be back in the classroom whenever that may be! This weekend I will be continuing to update my website with educational links. At this time we have been instructed to not send home any new work. The focus right now is review. I will make sure to update you on anything new I hear.

if you have any questions feel free to email me at or shoot me a text!

Daily Schedule

9:00 9:15 Morning Work
9:15 9:30 xxxxx
10:00 10:00 xxxxx
11:00 11:00 xxxxx
12:00 12:00 xxxxx
1:00 1:00 xxxxx
2:00 2:00 xxxxx
3:00 3:00 xxxxx
3:00 3:40 xxxxx
3:45 4:00 Dismissal