School Counseling

West Gate Family,

Please explore the tabs for parent and student resources, as well as virtual lessons for your students. If you have any questions please contact us. We are here for you!

Your Counselors,
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Counseling Vision & Mission

West Gate School Counseling Program Vision

The West Gate Elementary School Counseling Department will empower all students to reach their fullest potential by maximizing the collaboration between all invested stakeholders to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on academic excellence, personal growth and citizenship. After participating in the school counseling program, West Gate Elementary graduates will possess attributes including resilience, courage, determination, and kindness to realize their true potential as leaders in a global community.

West Gate School Counseling Mission

The mission of the West Gate School Counseling program is to support all students while they reach their academic, career, and personal/social potential. By participating in a comprehensive school counseling program that engages students with intentional and research-based activities and programs, students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. The collection and analysis of data as well as the ongoing collaboration of educators and the community at large, is integral to the success of the school counseling program and the continuing preparation of leaders in a global community.

Elementary School Counselors Ethically Provide:

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Wrap around services for students and families in need
  • Advocacy for all children and families

Counseling Services

Classroom Guidance Lessons

We teach lessons to all students to help with academic, social and career development. Students receive lessons throughout the school year.

Small group counseling

Students may be asked to join a small group to discuss feelings, study and work habits, making positive choices, changing families and many more things. If you think your child would benefit from participating, please call the school.

Individual counseling

Students may need to meet with a counselor to talk about problems at school or at home. Our number one goal is academic success for all students. It is important for students to feel well emotionally so they may perform to his or her ability.


Community Resources

Department of Medical Assistance

Prince William County Government

PWCS Mental Health Resources

Private Providers

Text FOOD or COMIDA to 877877 for a list of free food distributions near you.

Tele-Mental Health in the Area

Parent Help

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting Classes Virginia Cooperative Extension

Bullying Prevention

Stop Bullying Now!

Character Development

Character Counts!

Department of Education

Teaching Tolerance