Welcome to
Title I Math at West Gate!

Mrs. Leitch

Title I Math Information:

West Gate is excited to introduce our newest math computer and tablet based program, Origo!

While you are at home with your students, check out the new "Origo at Home" website. 

You can access math lessons and activities for your student that are appropriate for his or her grade level.

1. Just click on this link: https://www.origoeducation.com/athome/

2. Scroll down to choose United States as the country where you live.

3. Choose your child's grade level by clicking on the word "Start" in the top left corner of the webpage.

4. Once you have clicked on the grade level you want, look through the lessons and activities to complete at home with your child!

Here is a link with step by step directions on how to access Origo at Home if you're having trouble! Another Title I Math teacher prepared this!

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Daily Schedule for Supporting
Math Instruction

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
8:05 8:30   Planning
8:30 9:00
9:00 9:30      Fourth Grade
9:35 10:20 Second Grade
10:20 10:45   Third Grade
10:45 11:15   Fifth Grade
11:40 1:00   First Grade
1:20 2:00   Fifth Grade
2:00 2:45   Fourth Grade
2:50 3:00   Dismissal

Thursday: Math CLTs