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Mrs. Cline 4th Grade ESOL

Please go to RAZ Kids 
Listen to, read, and take the quiz for the following book. 
After you log on, click on Recent Assignments, it will look like this:

Then you will click on a picture that looks like this: 

Then, complete each of the activites. 


Listen to the book in Spanish.

 Take the quiz online until you have  a perfect score! 

Word Wednesday
Fold a piece of paper in half. On one side write the word and the other side illustrate the meaning. Use the words above.
Add words that were new to you! 

Thinking Thursday
What type of sever weather was the most interesting to you? Why?

Select a section of the book. Complete a Who? What? to find the main idea. 


Hello to all families!  While we are closed for the next few weeks Prince William County is providing free meals at 17 schools throughout the county, including Stonewall Middle School, Mullen Elementary, Yorkshire Elementary and Parkside Middle School.  Meals are prepackaged and ready to go between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on weekdays.  

Please reach out during this time for additional support, ideas or resources.

This link provides a list of educational websites that are available to families for free during the school closures.

See the useful links tab for some ideas, also.

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Daily Schedule 

8:00 8:30   Morning Group
8:30 10:00      Ms. Kim's Class
10:00 10:20      Ms. Scott's Class
10:20 11:15 Specials
11:15 11:45   Ms. Scott's Class
11:45 12:05   Mrs. Urey's Class
12:05 12:55   Lunch/Recess
12:55 2:00   Mrs. Urey's Class
2:00 2:45   Newcomer Group
2:45 3:00   Dismissal