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Reading website for students! For log in information please e-mail me!
Pagina para lectura. Para informacion para como entrar por favor mandame un correo!

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Click on the link and click your students grade level! 
Busca el grado de su estuidante para seguir aprendiendo en casa!

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Count to 100! Contar hasta 100!

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Count by 10s! Contar 10 en 10!

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Coin song! Cancion de las moneras!

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Letters/Letter sounds
Letras/Sonidos de las letras

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If you click on the link above it will direct you to Jack Hartman and Jan Richardson's sight word songs, you can search for the sight word you are looking for!

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Image result for rhyming words phonics

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Story time online for students!
Cuentos en linea!

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A site students can engage in letters, reading, and math activities! 
Actividades para letras, lectura, y actividades de matematicas!

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A site all our students enjoy watching with lots of fun topics tied to Science and Social studies!
Pagina para buscar informacion sobre las ciencas y estudios sociales!

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Students can explore and learn about different nonfiction information from animals to famous Americans!
Pagina para buscar informacion sobre muchas informacion desde animales hasta nuestros presidentes.

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Educational brain breaks for students to release some energy and learn at the same time!
Pagina para caciones y bailes! Para practicar y bailar al mismo tiempo!