*Highlighted standards indicate standards covered in class during the limited school year.*

Visual Communication and Production
K.1 The student will create works of art that represent personal responses to art-making problems.
K.2 The student will create works of art that express feelings and ideas.
K.3 The student will follow a sequence of steps used in creating works of art.
K.4 The student will create works of art that commemorate personal or community events.
K.5 The student will create works of art that connect to everyday life.
K.6 The student will create works of art that include the human figure as subject matter.
K.7 The student will identify and use the following in works of art:
1. Color—red, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet, brown, black, white

2. Line—straight/curved, thick/thin, long/short, up/down/across
3. Shape—circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval
4. Texture—visual, tactile
5. Pattern—occurring naturally, made by people
K.8 The student will recognize that objects occupy space.
K.9 The student will identify spatial relationships—left, right, top, bottom, side, center, front, back, over, and under.
K.10 The student will create drawings from observation.
K.11 The student will use motor skills (e.g., pinching, pulling, squeezing, twisting, pounding, rolling, folding, cutting, modeling, stamping) to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art.

Art History and Cultural Context
K.12 The student will identify people who make art as “artists.”
K.13 The student will identify purposes for creating works of art.
K.14 The student will describe the concept that people in all cultures create works of art.

Analysis, Evaluation, and Critique
K.15 The student will describe and respond to works of art.
K.16 The student will classify objects in the environment by their visual qualities (e.g., color, texture, line, shape, pattern).

K.17 The student will select a preferred work of art and explain why it was chosen.
K.18 The student will describe ideas, experiences, and feelings expressed in personal and other works of art.